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Shapeit Collection - Bags and Nets for Training and Everyday Life

Welcome to Shapeit's collection of bags and nets, designed for both training and everyday use. Our bags and nets combine functionality and style so you can carry your belongings with comfort and elegance, whether you're heading to the gym or a day out on the town.


Our bags are spacious and durable, perfect for organizing your training equipment or daily essentials.

Sports bags: Ideal for training with plenty of space for training clothes, shoes and towels.
Duffel Bags: Versatile and stylish, perfect for both training and weekend trips.
Backpacks: Comfortable and practical with padded straps and special compartments for both training equipment and laptop.


Our nets are smart and versatile, perfect for both shopping and everyday use. Durable and classic, perfect for everyday errands. Shopping Net: Large and light, ideal for shopping trips. Fashion Net: Trendy and stylish, perfect to give your outfit an extra oomph.

Discover the Shapeits Collection

Explore Shapeit's selection of bags and nets designed to meet your training and everyday needs. Find your new favorite and carry your belongings in style and comfort!

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